About Me


My name is Blair and welcome to my little slice of the internet.

Sooooo….about me.

I found myself in my late 20’s and still single, growing up I always thought I would be married by the time I was 25.  Yes you can start laughing now.

By the time I was done school and established in the workforce I was 25 and it felt like life was just beginning but as the 30 mark got closer my biological clock wasn’t so much ticking as it was shrieking alarms.

The husband hunt began.  I started going out more with friends and trying to meet new people, I dated a few guys from work…bad idea.  Really bad idea.  Then I moved onto to internet dating and oh the horror stories.  Okay, it wasn’t all bad, I did meet some really nice people just not Mr Right.

Now I am at a comfortable place where I am not so desperate and just kind of letting things happen.  I did however learn a lot along the way so here I am sharing it all with you.

Welcome and enjoy the adventures!