Getting The Right Wedding Planner

We all dream of having the perfect wedding day. However, in order for us to turn that dream into a reality, we need to carefully plan out all of the important details of our upcoming special day. The problem is, we might not be that well-versed when it comes to dealing with this kind of thing given the fact that almost all of us our going to get married for the first time so we don’t know what things we need to pay close attention to. Because of this, it’s really of big help to get a good wedding planner to help us out.

When you look for a wedding planner, one of the first things you need to check for would be his portfolio. Review the past weddings he planned and handled so that you can get a good idea about how he does his work. Next, if he has a website or social media pages, take the time to visit those and look for reviews that his past clients have given him.

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Booking The Right Wedding Planner

Your wedding day is a really special occasion so you need to do all of your preparations ahead of time so you don’t end up rushing things as it draws nearer and nearer. If you’re a busy person or if you don’t want to go through all of the troubles of the different aspects involved in setting up a great wedding, you can opt to hire a wedding planner instead. This person will take off all of the burden from your shoulders so you won’t have to go through a lot of stress and instead just spend your time focusing on yourself and your partner as well as other important manners.

Make sure that the wedding planner that you’re going to get is well-versed and has a lot of experience. Be open with her about what you want to achieve for your wedding so that she can make plans accordingly. That way she can turn your vision for a perfect wedding into a reality. Keep in mind that you want to get the right person for the job but you don’t want to spend a fortune for her services so take note of your budget as well. One of the best wedding planners that you can try contacting for the job would be

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Maried Couples Should Use Diversey Cleaning Products

How Sharing House Cleaning Leads to a Happy Marriage

Yes you heard right. House cleaning does lead to a happy marriage because now the work load is being shared amongst both of you which is only fair if you are really committed to the relationship

And especially if you have kids, they need to be taken care of, and most of the time, this role goes to the wife. So actually the husband should do more cleaning right? While we can go on and on, talking about this subject and how cleaning discussion in families causes the major dust ups, if you really want to be happily married, you should do your part. Period. Yes, I am directing my speech to you men. Because most men are used to their mom’s cleaning for them, cooking for them and so on. Now that they get married, they will expect the same thing to happen, but this time they expect their wife to do all the work. Which shouldn’t be


Ok, here in this article I also wanted to talk about the pros of a really great cleaning product I found online, It is called Diversey. They have a really wide range of cleaning products. Here is a list of just a few.

Infection Prevention – this cleans 99.9% of bacteria, great for hospitals and to clean vomit and other stuff

Fabric Care – one of the most popular is persil. These not only smell nice but do clean your clothes really well especially for those wives who’s husband works as a mechanic or in greasy and dirty environment. Mr muscle is also part of this brand

Floor Care – Cif does a fantastic job. If you are one of those people obsessed with having a shiny tile. Cif lemon does it for you. It’s a bit expensive but well worth it and the smell is fantastic too. Great for cleaning after party wedding mess!!

Personal Care – This relates to soft silk hand wash, Dove and Lux are 2 popular brands.

Room Care – A lot of products go into this category. Window cleaning is one of the. We all know how hard it is to clean windows especially those big ones. Cif window cleaner has a chemical inside which removes all the tar and other dirth from windows. This is very helpfull especially if you live in a busy street where black dust from cars tends to stick with the windows.

Food Service – Do kitchen cleaners and drain cleaners ring a bell? Have you ever had a clogged kitchen sink or toilet sink? Mr muscle drain cleaner does the job. You pour it down the drain, let it sit for at least 4 hours and chuck some water. Viola, the drain is now open

Soft Care – This is the last item I will mention here. Soft care is all about fitness, the finest shampoos and conditioners to name a few. Hand cleaning solutions are also available formulated to be gentle on your skin.

These are only a small selection of Diversey care cleaning products. There’s a ton of products that this top of the range brand has to offer to its clients. I suggest you visit for to check out all the products there. Once again, they are not the cheapest price on the market for cleaning products but you will get your money’s worth for sure. Enjoy cleaning!!!


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The Best Diet to Lose Weight for Your Wedding!

Introducing: The Best Diet to Lose Weight for Your Wedding!

If you haven’t heard of the ketogenic diet for women, stop everything and carry on reading! More and more people are recognising the health benefits of eating keto – one of which includes healthy fat loss. Perfect for anyone preparing to look a million dollars on their wedding day.

When discussing the potential benefits of a Ketogenic diet, I like to just go over a basic primer on human metabolism and then let people connect the dots. When you apply some relatively straightforward logic to the issue of diet, it soon becomes clear that the ketogenic diet has a simply huge number potential benefits. In fact, it would take more time to list them all than it does to just have a quick look at what your body needs, and what the ketogenic diet provides. You can do the math, as they say.

Fat, Fat, Glorious Fat!

First off, the ketogenic diet is about eating in a way that encourages your body to use fat for fuel, by giving it an abundance of healthy fat, whilst controlling your protein intake, and drastically reducing the amount of carbohydrates or sugars that you consume.

Could you believe that the reason most people are overweight, or struggle to lose weight is not because of the amount of fat they consume? I know, it seems to be against logic, but the fact is that your body is capable of storing energy from multiple sources as fat. You don’t just store fat, you store energy. So, it doesn’t necessarily follow that if you reduce your fat intake you will in any way affect your body fat. in fact, as we shall see, reducing your fat intake may well make your body store more energy as fat. I know, right? It’s nuts.

You’ve just got to remember that your body is a wondrous alchemical furnace that can use many different things as fuel. It can also store the energy from these things if your metabolism seems to need it. It’s mostly a self-righting system. You see people from colder climes eating more calories but not putting on weight because their bodies are using that energy to keep them warm. The body is amazing.The Ketogenic Diet 101 – Hacking...

Unfortunately, in recent years, some pretty shoddy thinking has crept into the dietary and nutrition mix, and there’s been some really dodgy advice flying around. The most damaging of all of this false knowledge, to my mind, is the idea that fat is harmful to the body and should be avoided at all costs. This is just palpably untrue. Not only are there more and more ketogenic diet people out there who know this from practical experience, but the simple science of the matter backs it up.

Of the average human body that is not water, fully 40% of it is fats. Nearly half. To think that fats should be excluded from the diet is just bonkers, and we’ve got the health problems to prove it.

As if that weren’t enough, there are some fats known as Essential Fatty Acids, that the body cannot manufacture on its own and which are absolutely vital to a healthy metabolism. Because they are building blocks for a number of extremely important molecules, a deficiency in these fats can lead to problems with just about everything. Seriously. They are essential for the Eicosanoid pathway which literally helps to regulate and govern the Immune system, the Inflammatory system, and, wait for it…. the Central Nervous System.

Seriously, I would love to see hospitals and doctor’s waiting rooms standing empty across the country as everyone gets with this news.

A healthy immune system is vital for prolonging length and increasing quality of life. Cancer that would normally be eliminated by a healthy immune system, is on the rise across the world, as are various auto-immune diseases of which the dreaded Alzheimers may be one. I think that we would see drastic improvements on these matters as soon as people drop the ‘fats are unhealthy’ model and realise that healthy fats are just essential.

The inflammatory system governs, amongst other things, allergic reactions. Inflammation running out of control is asthma in the lungs, eczema when it affects the skin, inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s when it is in the digestive system. What is the one thing most likely to cause the inflammatory system to start malfunctioning? Same reason a glass manufacturer’s would stop working if they ran out of sand….. lack of materials. A lack of essential fatty acids may well be the reason that all of these conditions have seen a sharp spike in the last forty years since fats were first demonised.

Finally, the central nervous system. That’s like, the brain, and the spine and everything connected to those things i.e. all of you.

Essential fatty acids have been shown to provide benefit for multiple neurological conditions and, wait for it, even depression and stress-related issues. Here’s the kicker:

The ketogenic diet was first used medically to treat epilepsy. Epilepsy is like the mother of all brain disorders. It’s just awful. It’s so bad people still willingly have their skull drilled into to try and bring it under control. It’s the brain going haywire and it’s no joke. The ketogenic diet, with its abundance of fatty acids, has been used for years to treat it. But this is the point, anyone can benefit from changing to the keto diet, especially if you have problems with one of these things. And yeah, let’s face it, we’ve pretty much covered all of the most common complaints in Western society right there.

If you’re thinking about starting a healthy weight loss plan for your wedding diet, I highly suggest you look into starting keto. Because you don’t want to just look and feel great on your big day – you want to look and feel great for the rest of your life!

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The Benefits Of Tungsten And Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Should I opt for a Rose Gold Wedding Band?

Traditionally, couples have chosen wedding bands that are made from tungsten rose gold or white gold, depending on the overall look that they are going for. These days, however, there is a growing trend to opt for something non-traditional instead. For instance, tungsten and rose gold wedding bands are incredibly popular right now. When you consider all of the advantages that they offer, it is easy to see why more and more couples are turning to these beautiful rings. Here are just a few of their many benefits:

1. Affordable. Tungsten rings that have been plated with rose gold are surprisingly affordable. In fact, you can often find gorgeous, high-quality wedding bands for men and women alike for less than $100. Trying to do the same with gold or white gold would be impossible. This makes them the perfect choice for couples who want elegant wedding bands but don’t want to have to spend a fortune to get them.

2. Durable. Tungsten is one of the strongest metals out there. It won’t bend or scratch, which makes these rings absolutely ideal for anyone who works with their hands.

3. Unique. The contrast between the deep silver color of the tungsten and the warmth and richness of the rose gold is absolutely stunning. Rather than choosing a ring that is just like everyone else’s, it makes far more sense to opt for something unique. Tungsten for him and rose gold rings fit the bill perfectly. They are still elegant and sophisticated but aren’t cookie-cutter rings, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your ring looking like everyone else’s.

4. Hypoallergenic. If you are allergic to certain types of metals, you won’t have to worry if you opt for one of these rings. Tungsten is hypoallergenic, meaning that it won’t trigger an allergic reaction.

Tungsten mens blue ring

Once you understand the benefits of tungsten and rose gold wedding bands, it is easy to see why they are such a fantastic choice. If you are looking for wedding bands that are non-traditional, yet still offer an incredible amount of beauty and sophistication, these rings are the perfect choice. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get them.

You do, however, need to pay particular attention to the sizing when buying one of these rings. The only downside to tungsten rings is that they can’t be resized. That means that you need to choose a ring that fits perfectly right out of the gate.

Tungsten Pros and Cons in this video

Tungsten Carbide Rings Pros and Cons from Tungsten Rings on Vimeo.


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How To Name A Star

What should you know about How to name a star?

Have you always wanted to dedicate a star to someone? Have their name on a star certificate stating this star is named after them? At Name A Star Live, we make that dream an easy reality. We have been in the space exploration game since the early 1980s. We know how much people love to name stars after their loved ones. We want to give you and your loved ones more than a star certificate; we want to give them a star experience. You can customize your star, learn how to navigate the night sky and find your star any time, and even watch as your star’s name is launched into Earth’s orbit so that you will always feel connected to your star.

Depending on how much you want to get out of the experience, you can choose from various gift packages. We offer both instant gift sets and keepsake gift sets that will satisfy any need you may have. Each package, no matter which size, comes with a star certificate which officially names your star, the dedication, and coordinates so that you may find your star in the sky.

Here are some of the instant gift sets we offer:

  • The instant gift set – This comes with a digital star certificate and its launch into space.
  • The instant gift set plus – This comes with all the essentials and also a digital star chart accentuating your star’s constellation.
  • The instant gift set premium – This comes with everything in the plus package and a full color Astrophoto of your star’s constellation.
  • The instant gift set premium with virtual planetarium – This set is the premium with the virtual planetarium software to explore the universe.

There are even more options for the keepsake gift sets. Here are a few examples, but for more, see our keepsake gift webpage:

  • The deluxe gift set – Our most popular, this comes with a star certificate, an easy-to-read star chart, the virtual planetarium software, and the launch into space.
  • The deluxe framed gift set – This comes with your star certificate in an elegant wooden frame, and then everything else from the deluxe package.
  • The ultimate romantic gift set – This comes with everything in the deluxe framed set, plus an adorable bear for a romantic touch.
  • The ultimate children’s gift set – In addition to the deluxe frame gift set, you will receive the Twilight Sea Turtle which projects three constellations from the light up shell.


The wide variety of packages makes it easy to buy a star. There is more to it than just a certificate. We make it an interactive experience so that you can find your star in the sky and explore beyond. Watch on your computer as the name of your star is launched into space. Experience the wonder over and over again as you make it a tradition to view your star every year. The possibilities are endless when you buy a star.



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Getting a Citizenship by Investment in Malta

The Malta citizenship by investment program – moving abroad after getting married

Long before we got married, we decided to move to a safer place, a place we could call home. So one night I was looking for the best places to live in the world. And the small island of Malta kept coming in the first few spots. I did quite an intensive search that following week and nothing could beat Malta. They had this slongan “Sun, Fun and Culture” Very true now that we are living there. But we had to figure out how to get a citizenship so we could stay there. Here is the process…

Panorama of the Mosta Piazza

In most places in the world to gain citizenship you have to go to a lot of Hoops. They do not make it easy for you at all because gaining citizenship into their country is a precious thing. They don’t just want to let anyone in. They want to make sure that they are getting the best people possible. They want to make sure that the people that they are letting us have the proper education, language skills and ability to contribute financially. This is why in many places in the world it’s very difficult to get citizenship. There are many different rules and regulations that they have to protect their country. They rightfully do this because they want to protect their Nation at all costs.

What if we were to tell you that there was a much easier way to get citizenship? But you would have to be a certain caliber of person. What if you could take the business skills that you already have and implemented into this new country and making your path to citizenship would be a lot easier.  Well, with the Malta citizenship investment program  you can make the process a lot shorter by your business and financial investment into the country. If you think about it, it makes absolute sense. A nation wants people who will be productive, and who is more productive than a person who can invest in the local economy. Who is more productive than business people who create jobs and opportunities. Who is more productive and people who can create a can-do culture that enriches everybody? Business people are loved in this country and because of that their path to citizenship is a lot easier than the average person who would not be a job Creator, a Culture Creator, an investor or any other type of person who ask a ton of immediate value to the country.

malta passport program

Why do countries have these programs? They have these programs because they know that they want quality people and they also know that they can attract businesses and investors by making the path to citizenship easier for this class of person.  they have this policy because they know how many people would love to live in their country. They know that their beaches and their Landscapes are things that people fantasize about. They know that they can attract business class people because of their location, the climate and the natural beauty. That is what all people want to gain citizenship into this country.  But if you are a business person who can add a ton of financial value, by creating businesses, creating jobs and investing into the local economy, you have a laptop on other people because of the value that you create. That is why these investment citizenship tracks are available in many different countries around the world. And it’s almost a good faith type of thing, you bring a certain skill level, money, experience, business ability and you are expected to utilize your skills for the betterment of that country and that is how you get your citizenship.


This is Malta

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Planning a Wedding? Important Marriage Advice Every Couple Should Know

Things should think about before your wedding

We all work so hard to find that right person. Yet, we fail to realize how difficult marriages can be. Getting marriage advice from time to time will help your relationship. It takes even harder work to make sure it lasts, and that it is the best part of your life. Everyone wants a good marriage that will last for years. After all, you got married to grow old together, right?


Provided here are a few tips that you should take into account during your marriage. Many of these tips have come from people who have lived through it. Remember, it is a two way street, and both parties need to put in the effort!

Marriage advice for you and your partner:

  • Stay accountable for what you do in the marriage, whether good or bad. You cannot be in denial about your part in the relationship, but take responsibility for it. If you need to change something, be aware of that and work on it.
  • Be close to your spouse. It is proven that touching more grows a bigger better bond.
  • Do not try to change your spouse, it is a waste of time and can just be frustrating. Trying to change your spouse, you will just come off as a nag and wind up sending a negative message that ‘who you are is not good enough’. That is not the message you want to send to your partner. Focus instead on working on yourself to become a better person and better spouse. Perhaps they will see the change, and want to change as well.
  • It is necessary to recognize when problems arise. Whether the problem is boredom in the bedroom, lack of conversations, resentment – recognizing them is the first step. Try every possible remedy you can think of. There are some that will work for you, and it will make your marriage stronger.
  • When arguing with your partner, do not shame, blame, or feel the need to be right. Instead, focus on really listening without interrupting. You may find that it is just a misunderstanding, and an argument is not even necessary. You can also learn how your partner views the situation, and be sympathetic. Use your ‘I’ statements. Your partner cannot read your mind, make sure to express how you feel as clearly as possible.
  • Understand that arguments have shared responsibility and that both people will have valid points and reasons for the way they feel. Understanding how your partner feels can make the argument be resolved better.
  • Remember that nothing in a marriage is more important than the relationship between the spouses. When other things, such as careers, children, and personal pursuits, become more important, that is when problems arise. Your relationship should be top priority, and when you make it so, your marriage will flourish.
  • Are you paying attention to how you are treating your spouse? When someone acts kindly to you, it is easy to return. The same goes for when you are treated badly, with anger or impatience. The golden rule applies to marriages as well. Work on treating your spouse how you wish they would treat you, and you will get that in return.


  • Focus on learning to appreciate your partner.
  • Keep in mind that the art of dating is still important as the years go by in your marriage. Making sure you set aside time for romantic evenings regularly can rekindle the magic of a long term relationship. This does not mean being fancy or expensive, it means something special that the two of you can do together and enjoy.
  • Taking care of yourself will keep you happy and your confidence up, which will help your marriage.Many feel the reason their marriage fell apart is because they became depressed and disinterested in their partner. By working on yourself, your marriage will stay fresh.
  • Make sure to have a little bit of fun together every day. We are all extremely busy, and do not have a lot of time left over at the end of the day. But since you need to make your marriage a priority, there is always time to have a little bit of fun together each day. Take a walk and hold hands, cook or exercise together, or just do something small. You would be surprised at the big difference this will make.

However bad or hopeless a relationship may seem, do not lose hope. Communicating the right way can even move mountains.

This article was written by Diamond Richards. Diamond is a professional wedding planner and has been planning wedding for the past 7 years. She can almost tell if a couple’s relationship will last or not. She said to me that love cannot be touched but can be felt!



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Why is it so hard to meet men and have a serious relationship?

Why is it so hard to meet men and have a serious relationship?  Brace yourself girlfriend you’re in for some hard truths!  In fact it’s not that hard to meet men who are looking for a relationship, but what are you doing to make that happen?  Here are some tips to help you find a relationship that works for you.

  1. Put it in writing

Yes, it does sort of take the romance out of the whole thing but you need to define what it is you’re looking for.  Write down the traits you’re looking for, do you want someone to share adventures with or are you looking for stability.  This isn’t about what Mr Right looks like but about the qualities you want them to have, their values and what they want from life.

Now if you start dating someone and you’re unsure if the relationship might ever go anywhere, look at your list to see if they meet the criteria that you wanted.  Yes, it isn’t that romantic but are you looking for Mr Right or Mr Right Now.

  1. Be Realistic

Mr Right and Mr Perfect are two very different things and you need to learn that quickly or this whole dating thing is going to get ugly.  First of all NO ONE is perfect and the preconceived notions you may have of the perfect partner…you know that whole tall, dark, rich and handsome fairy tale, doesn’t exist.  Stop looking for perfection, it doesn’t exist.

You may just find someone instead who is perfect for you.  That brings up another painful point…perfect for you doesn’t mean that he feels the same way.  You need to be willing to accept that and move on.

  1. Be positive

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has been hurt and had their heart broken, and it is horrible.  It may make you want to take a pass on this whole relationship thing but if you want a relationship you’re going to have to put the pint of Ben & Jerry’s away, pull up your big girl panties and get back out there and meet people.

Dating and getting out there to meet new people is intimidating, but a positive attitude certainly won’t hurt.  You may meet some nice people along the way.  If you keep the idea in your head that you’re never going to meet someone it will become a self fulfilling prophecy.

  1. Clean Up Your Act

Go to the nearest mirror and take a long critical look, are you the best you can be?  If your answer is anything less than an emphatic yes then it is time to do some work on you.  Before the yelling starts about how you shouldn’t have to change yourself just to attract a man…stop right there.  Dating is a hell of a lot like a job interview, more than anyone wants to admit.  Do you show up to an interview in pajamas?  Hell no!

Put in the effort, start getting some regular exercise, get your hair done and dress for success.  If you’re not exactly a fashionista, that’s okay you probably have a friend that is, get them to help you pick out some flattering dating clothes.  If you’re going out on a date or another social occasion present yourself in the best possible light.

  1. Get Out There and Meet People

You’re not going to meet people sitting in your living room…it doesn’t work that way.  The where and the how you meet new people is a matter of personal preference.  There are some places like bars, nightclubs etc. where people are far most interested in a hook up than they are a relationship so they are lousy places to meet a guy.  That being said, think about what your hobbies are and start from there.

pexels-photo (5)

Don’t  be afraid  to try new things and you can always try online dating.  Be very careful.  There are a lot of nice people there who are just like you, they want to meet someone.  There is the creep factor however so always be safety conscious.  You have options so use them.

  1. The Dreaded First Date

First dates can be all kinds of awkward, but the good news is you don’t have to go on a second date. First dates have all kinds of expectations and pressures, make the whole thing a lot less awkward by just going for a coffee.  There’s no figuring out who’s paying and no expectation of having to make conversation for the next two hours while you awkwardly try not to look at each other.  The idea of the first date isn’t to screen someone as potential husband material but to see if you get along and actually like each other.

If you think your first date was bad check out this video of some really awkward first dates!

  1. Next!

If you’re lucky enough to meet the man of your dreams on the first date…good for you, you just won the dating lottery!  Be prepared to kiss a lot of frogs before your proverbial Prince Charming comes along.  Look some dates will work out but most won’t.  Before you give in to the urge to throw on a Bridget Jones movie and eat ice cream straight from the carton.  Accept that this will happen.  Once you meet the right person, the rest will just be stories you and your girlfriends laugh about at brunch.

Some Final Advice

Ladies, stop hunting in packs you’re trying to meet a man not take down a gazelle.  Men have all the same insecurities that you do, and culturally they’re still stuck doing the asking out.  So nice guys will be hesitant to approach you when you’re with a pack of your girlfriends, rejection sucks…rejection in front of a crowd can be soul crushing.  Find some activities that cater a little more to the individual.

Most of all have fun with it, dating can be fun and you can meet new people and make some good friends along the way.  Don’t take yourself too seriously, have patience and it will happen.

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How to find a husband

These videos will help you find an awesome husband for life!!


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